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  1. Monday, November 14, 2011

    A week or two ago I took Peter out on a date.  By 'date' I mean, I bought tickets to an event and made him go with me. Fortunately, he's a good sport for blindly going to events he knows nothing about (me, not so much).  The event was Raincity Chronicles. I went because one of my new favorite musicians was going to be there: Jill Barber, and because it is described as a night of storytelling - which sounded great to me. 
    It was a sold out show (they always are, apparently). And it was lovely. There was a lineup of storytellers who each got on stage and told a tale - the theme this time was Duty Calls (venue was the Legion Hall).  There was something very simple and fantastic about it - regular people getting up and telling very entertaining and/or touching stories from their lives, interspersed with lovely songs from Jill Barber. Oh, and beer.  And home-baked cookies.   And, we ran into two friends of mine, which doesn't surprise me at all - this is totally the kind of event my friends would love just as much as I do. Bumping into friends is awesome.
    I kind of wish Raincity Chronicles offered an annual pass, since I plan to go to all their shows from now on. Peter enjoyed it too, though it turns out he was quite skeptical when I told him it would be 'a night of storytelling'.  So it pays to go to events that sound weird, you never know what you might discover!  (Raincity Chronicles is working to get podcasts of their shows up - you can find the first one here!)

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