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  1. I miss breathing

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Whatever bug I had on Boxing Day, that mostly went away, seems to have come back.  Most annoying is the dry, hacking cough that makes me miss taking deep, uninterrupted breaths.  Ah breathing, how I took you for granted!

    I've been working from home to avoid spewing germs all over my poor co-workers. Working from home is nice in that I have the company of cats, but weird in that it makes me feel like a hermit since I sit at my desk all day and don't leave the apartment until after dark, if at all.

    Enough complaining. To amuse you all while I suffer another coughing fit - I'm posting more photos from my past.   One is me as a young'un - look how innocent I appear!

    In the second one I'm slaughtering a poor girl in a fencing tournament in Wisconsin. For some reason I have 21 photos of me fencing this girl (and no photos of me fencing others, but I swear, I had matches with grownups too).  Good for her for taking up a sport that's not common among girls her age, but I was way more experienced and did her in pretty quickly from what I recall.  I love how enthralled the scorekeeper lady is by my fencing talents.

    I miss fencing. Not as much as I currently miss breathing, but close.

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    1. Sean said...

      Geeze Lisa...were you fencing Epee...It looks like you are going for her back toe!

      Either way brings back a lot of memories!

    2. burrito said...

      lol no kidding- you'd think I was actually fencing someone behind her, the way I'm lunging so unnecessarily!

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