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    Saturday, January 28, 2012

    I took Peter out on a date to another storytelling night. We love it and I noticed quite a few couples this time around, so I'm thinking it's actually a popular date activity. Alcohol + cookies + music + entertaining stories by interesting people does make for a wonderful way to pass a Friday night. (It doesn't hurt that I bump into my friends there and get to chat.)

    We started by meeting in the new Terra Bread cafe nearby -  which was packed.  Lovely space, right on the seawall - I will definitely be visiting their patio in the summer!

    This edition of Rain City Chronicles was in partnership with the City as part of its work to develop a Food Strategy to plan how Vancouver will increase access to and opportunities for local food, among other things.

    I'm kind of proud because I played a small part in setting the City on this path of partnering with great events that bring the community together in a fun way to talk and share their stories on a particular topic. The Pecha Kucha I helped organize was the City's first foray into that kind of partnership and it seems to be part of the regular arsenal of public engagement now, which is awesome!

    This version of Rain City Chronicles was held in the Salt Building at the Olympic Village. This is a fabulous old building that was beautifully restored as part of the development. It's a piece of the industrial heritage of the site. The ultimate plan is for it to become part brew-pub, part something else - it should be the heart of the community - being in the middle and fronting onto the lovely plaza. I can't believe it isn't a brew pub yet - it would be a FANTASTIC place.

    Anyway - I love the Salt Building, I love Rain City Chronicles, and I love to support the City in creative engagement techniques, so I bought tickets for this event ages ago.  And it was lovely.  The storytellers were fabulous - the best one being an older French lady who started by saying she wasn't really a storyteller and then proceeded to be the most entertaining person of the evening.  I believe they were recording this event, so hopefully I'll be able to link you to a podcast version of the evening at some point.

    After the event, Peter and strolled around the Village a bit, even though it was freezing cold. It's lovely to see at night.  A perfect Friday night.


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