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  1. Winning is good

    Tuesday, January 03, 2012

    Dudes, I won another contest!!! I almost feel bad for winning so many good contests, like I'm hogging them or something. You all should start entering, really!

    This one was for a London Drugs prize pack that includes an iPod dock stereo, a Nikon digital camera (21x optical zoom baby!), perfume, and strangely, an indoor/outdoor surveillance camera (with night vision capabilities?).  Cool!!!  When the prize arrives, it's going to be like a late christmas!

    Usually I just win books, dvds, or tickets to movies - these wins I don't even mention here. But every now and then, a big prize arrives, and it's pretty fun. Seriously, go put your name in the draw for some stuff. Your best odds are with your local entertainment newspaper - they get tons of tickets to local shows to give away, you're bound to win a night out eventually.

    I feel like I've won in another way - since Peter and I made a reservation on Thursday to go to the Cellar Jazz club to see Ali Milner, my newest favorite singer, live!  I think it's going to be lovely - a small venue, a fabulous talent, a night out with my Peter - great way to start 2012.

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