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    Saturday, February 15, 2014

    I love taking photos of cats when I travel. Something about seeing cats in unusual settings is appealing to me. I've added a bunch of photos from Istanbul to my "Cats of Europe" folder on flickr. But I wanted to share this one because for every good shot I have of a cat, I probably have two or three shots of cat butts as cats run away from me. *sigh*  I need a longer lens so they can't see me, I guess. Don't they know I just want to love and snuggle them??

    Peter just got home from a night out clubbing and drinking with Polish friends (I begged off as I'm not feeling well), he's pretty hilariously drunk. I'm very glad he got to experience a Polish club and I didn't have to - win/win!    :)

    Coming soon, a blog post about our Istanbul trip. We are in the midst of packing and figuring out how we are going to get our stuff back to Canada. Our time in Poland is very short now!

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    1. Mom said...

      Have you considered boxing up and mailing some or most of your things and mailing it home? It may be worth the expense to travel back light :)

    2. burrito said...

      Already shipped one box. Will be putting suitcases in secure storage in Bangkok so we can travel around Thailand light!

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