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  1. Family Tour Completed

    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    Peter and I have just returned from a whirlwind tour of all the bits of Poland with family members. It was an intense schedule of visits where I was at least able to console myself with the fact that I could follow the gist of conversations much better than 10 months ago. But it was a lot of hard work for Peter to talk to all his family members and try to translate for me at the same time. On the up side -we took 3 long train rides and they all went without mishaps! Trains were heated and on schedule; hurrah!

    We are now in that painful stage of packing where you have little piles of miscellaneous things all over the place that you aren't sure how to pack. We are shipping a few boxes (by boat) and taking 2 big suitcases with us, plus the small bags we will travel around Thailand with - so packing is a big game of, what bag should this go in?

    Tomorrow is our last full day in Wroclaw - how weird is that?  I am both looking forward to starting the journey home and sad that the year is almost over already. I imagine I'll feel the same when I get home - sad that this particular adventure is done but hugely relieved to be home too. Life is full of contradictions.

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