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  1. Bangkok is craaaazy

    Sunday, March 02, 2014

    We showed up at the Wroclaw airport with our enormous suitcases and when we checked in the ticket guy said there were no tickets in our name. Ha ha ha.  Our tickets are complicated and it looks like when we made the last date change it only partially went through. We showed them our online confirmation of our flight and while we were on hold with Aeroplan LOT airline fixed it all for us. Whew.

    So we got to Bangkok as expected after much flying. Bangkok is so hot (33 - 35C). I lose the will do do anything in that kind of heat. And Bangkok is intense - crowded and noisy and cooking smells everywhere. It is a lot for a jet-lagged, sick person (did i mention i got sick? Lost my voice on the flight and have an annoying cough and lack of energy). We did drag ourselves to the Grand Palace which was spectacular, and we have been out wandering.

    Tonight we meet up with a tour group that will take us up to Northern Thailand for 8 days.  I will be honest - I am really looking to the part of the trip where we go to the yoga retreat and stay put for a week or two.  If this year has taught me anything - I am not a hard-core traveler.

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    1. arianek said...

      Eek, sick and travel and heat, not exactly the ideal combo! I hope the sickness passes fast... glad you got there at least!

      I love hearing that you (a person who went on a trip for a year) are not a hardcore traveller, that makes me feel a bit better about my own travelling skills. ;) I didn't go overseas the first time until 2010 and have now been to Europe 3 times, so I'm still learning the ropes and will likely never be anything even remotely resembling hardcore!

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